My Story

I guess the best place to start my story is with the basics.

My name is Lisa Kozak. I'm 34 years old and am expecting my third child in August of 2023. I was born and raised in Northern California but currently call North Carolina home.

As soon as I graduated college, I started my real estate career in the San Francisco Bay Area. I loved selling real estate. The people I got to meet, the properties I got to see and the ever changing landscape of the industry made it absurdly exciting. I never thought I'd deviate from the path I'd laid out for myself, until my daughter was born in 2019.

When I became a mom, my priorities began to shift. I still had an overwhelming drive to succeed, but my heart was always with my baby. Juggling motherhood and a demanding career was no small task. Add in a global pandemic followed by the birth of my son, and I began to seriously dread trading my time for money. I still loved real estate, but I was missing so much time with my babies and was becoming incredibly burnt out with the never ending rat race.

In late 2022, my husband and I packed up our family and moved across the country to North Carolina. I knew this move as an opportunity to make a change. The way I saw it, I had two choices; restart my real estate career in a market where I knew nothing and no one, or create a new opportunity for myself.

I was DETERMINED to find a way to contribute financially without taking time away from my kids and our family. I was done trading my time for money. I found affiliate marketing and knew that was something I could do. After some trial and error on my own, I found the Time Freedom Framework course and everything clicked. I'm thrilled to now be a full time stay at home mom with a successful career.

Affiliate marketing, and the time freedom framework, have allowed me to remove majority of the mom guilt from my life. I know first hand how emotionally draining it can be to leave your children every single day, missing out on so many of their most precious moments, just to be able to provide a life for them.

The skills I learned from the Time Freedom Framework, have allowed me to be in charge of my time and my income. I'm able to remove financial stress with just a few hours of work each day while my babies nap. The sigh of relief this has brought to my household is something I just have to share with others. If you're online, navigating this website, you already possess majority of the skills needed to succeed in this digital realm. If you have an internal drive to succeed and fulfill your goals without selling your time to others, then take a chance on yourself and see what the Time Freedom Framework can do for you and your family!